Why is Farm to Table Better?

Why is Farm to Table Better?

The connection between people and our food is known as Farm to Table. Before our country became so urban, people lived close together and knew the people who grew their food. They bought it directly from the farm or from local markets. If a product was tasty and ripe, they knew who was responsible. At Bleuroot, we are a farm to table restaurant which means we partner with Chicago area farms for grass-fed meat and organically grown vegetables. We know where our products come from and wouldn’t serve it if it wasn’t the best.

Taste and Nutrition

Since we work locally with farms our products don’t have to travel far to reach us! The produce we get can be picked when it’s optimally ripe. When a fruit or vegetable is given the time to completely ripen, it fully develops and retains its vitamins and minerals, giving it a more vibrant flavor and maximizing the nutritional content.


Each item that we carry has its own unique story. Buying locally means you are supporting the family farmers and ranchers that raised your food. Connecting to the sources of your food is a very meaningful part of enjoying your meals.


Buying local means keeping your money in the local economy. The local economy benefits when consumers buy their food locally. A large volume of produce is shipped many miles before reaching the consumer; the local areas where the food was grown and raised don’t always benefit from the sale of the food. On the other hand, buying food locally can improve the economic vitality of small, local farms.


Local food is more nutritious, because it isn’t shipped long distance. With it being locally grown it can be harvested when it is perfectly ripe. Local food is better for the earth as well as your health. For instance, the average 18-wheeled semitruck travels about 5 miles per gallon of gas. That means about 500 gallons of diesel fuel is needed to haul produce an average distance of 1,500 miles. Buying nationally pollutes the air, which isn’t good for the environment or our health.

Eating at Bleuroot means eating farm to table, fresher and organic produce, grass fed meat, and a variety of menu items!


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